CTO/VP of Engineering
As our first major hire, we’re considering people for either the CTO role, or a VP engineering role (the latter placing more emphasis on individual contributions)
  • 5+ years of experience as a software developer. (Ideally) Combination of work experience at a high-quality, established engineering organization and at a software start-up
  • Willing to be the lead developer building Convoke’s product (for at least the first 2 years); has a combination of engineering skills and product sense
  • Strong in at least one (ideally both) of the following technical competencies:
    • Experienced with machine learning and data engineering. Capable of building data pipelines (e.g. developing scrapers, code to robustly interact with 3rd party data provider APIs, database architecture design/deployment). Experience training and deploying machine learning models, ideally including deep learning/neural nets and language models.
    • Broad base of (full-stack) software development knowledge and experience, specifically with regards to web application development and deployment. Ideally comfortable with our current technical stack, which includes: Python, Flask, Javascript, SQL (MySQL, POSTGRES), HTMX, Tailwind CSS, Ansible
  • Experience designing software architectures and defining the technology stack; has a technical vision for Convoke.
  • Capable of creating and enforcing good practices in the engineering team (including documentation). Capable of directing a small team of junior engineers
  • Interested in and passionate about the business of biotechnology, our customers, and Convoke’s mission: “to increase the capital efficiency of the biopharmaceutical industry”. Keen to learn more about biotechnology.
  • Keeps up to date with trends in technology, especially with regards to AI/LLMs. Capable of identifying and applying relevant new outside technical developments to Convoke’s product and business.
  • Capable of conducting technical interviews and designing a technical hiring process
  • (Ideally) Comfortable with 3rd party hosting and compute services (e.g. DigitalOcean, Azure, AWS)
  • (Ideally) Is located in Zurich (or able to relocate)*
  • (CTO candidate) Has a network of engineers, is willing and able to build a team and hire
  • (CTO candidate) Strategic thinker, capable of inputting into key business and operational decisions. Can articulate the pros and cons of different technical approaches to solve business problems.
  • (CTO candidate) Capable of effectively representing Convoke to external customers and hires.
  • (CTO candidate) Has the ambition to eventually grow into a primarily managerial role
  • Embodies Convoke’s values:
    • Has a positive, constructive attitude. Defaults to believing we can achieve significant goals
    • Data-driven and primarily concerned with what is true, not what is convenient
    • Is opinionated; has strong opinions, weakly held
    • Is curious, and a life-long learner
    • Cares about doing high-quality work; wants to have the best product on the market
    • Wants to have a positive impact on the biopharmaceutical industry
Compensation: double-digit equity, salary negotiable
*If the best candidate isn’t able or willing to work in Switzerland, we will consider moving towards operating as a fully-remote organization.
Please email your CV to [email protected] if you’re interested in working with us.